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Yuletide letter placeholder

Note to writer: I'm trying to finish this letter over the weekend, but I have a baby. He's small and cute and yells at inconvenient points. If I seem to break off at a weird point I had to save what I had and will be back later.

Hi, writer! Sorry for any disjointedness in this. As mentioned above, a new baby joined us a couple of months ago so everything is now done in naptime.

General likes: I will never say no to gen. I like things that make me laugh, make me cry, or do both at once. Plot is great.

General dislikes: I prefer closed curtains to porn. I don't object to shipping but I prefer it to be background rather than the main focus of the fic.

Sesame Street (TV)


Cookie Monster


Please watch . Also It turns out that while I was off growing up Sesame Street got all snarky (and AWESOME).

I love this Cookie Monster. Please give me stories of what else he does to convince people to give him cookies. Crossovers for this prompt are welcome (but please keep it PG13 friendly? Do not want EG Cookie Monster whoring himself out for cookies. For that matter, do not really want Cookie Monster romance either. Gen is good here. Nice funny gen).

Additional notes:

Did I mention I have a baby? Yeah. We've been watching a lot of the Youtube Sesame Street clips lately (not because he likes them, he's two months old, it's just all my babybrain can process). And frankly, they're awesome. Between the two above and discovering that C is for Cookie (that's good enough for me). I've discovered a new love for Cookie Monster. I love him passively agressively getting cookies out of Kermit, I love that well if there's not a COOKIE in the box what's the point of him playing, I love the fact that Doughnut ALSO looks like a C when you bite into it but a doughnut is not as GOOD as a cookie so who even cares?

I do not want sex in this story, or shipping. It would creep me out too much. However, I've had a chance to think of prompts since submitting and how about Cookie Monster's friends staging an intervention for his cookie addiction? Or how about he gets sent to rehab clinic? Those are things I would love to see! Make me laugh with this, and I'll love you.

Chalet School - Elinor M. Brent-Dyer

Juliet Carrick
Kay O'Hara
Donal O'Hara


In The Chalet School and Jo Juliet comes back from university all miserable. When quizzed she finally explains that she made best friends while away with Kay, who also introduced her to her brother Donal. However, when Kay finds out about Juliet's parents (shock! Horror!) she wants nothing more to do with her and makes sure Donal does either. Although Juliet finally marries Donal, frankly it's losing Kay she sounds REALLY upset about.

I would be fine with Juliet/Kay for this prompt (although no explicit sex scenes please. What it was like before Kay found out, the argument when she did, and how on earth their relationship goes when Juliet marries Donal - all these would make good stories. Perfectly fine with unhappy endings if the story goes that way.

Additional notes:

If you want to go with femslash this is a great option for you. However, I'd prefer you not to actually change canon. Juliet marries Donal. There is nothing saying that he's not aware she prefers his sister though, or that they're not doing it behind his back, or even that they don't run away together later. Do they reconcile in fact, or is it only Donal who goes back to liking Juliet leaving Kay forever out of it? (Is Kay in fact pissed off BECAUSE Donal likes Juliet?) Or give me them actually at university, give me their argument, give me everything that happens offscreen before Jo finds out.

I'm as happy for this to be gen and a really close friendship gone bad though, so don't feel tied to shipping. Don't feel it has to be happy just because it's yuletide either (it CAN be, but bittersweet is fine too).

The Chronicles of St Mary's - Jodi Taylor


Leon Farrell


The Chief is that rare thing, a love interest with personality who I don't want to smack. I would love to have his backstory fleshed out a bit; how did they put the plan for him going back together, and what was it like for him on arrival?

Additional notes:
Okay, I'm incredibly unlikely to get this because only two people signed up to write it. One of them is me and one is my friend sooo, unless you're here to treat me it's probably not happening.

That said, dear writer, you should read this book. It IS only one book right now and, c'mon, have you seen the price of the kindle edition? You can totally afford that.

You should read it, not to treat me but because it's awesome. There are TIME TRAVELLING HISTORIANS going back for academic reasons! Non-annoying female protagonist! Dinosaurs! Cups of tea! I read it, forced everyone I could to read it, and am weekly disappointed that there is no sequel yet (WRITE FASTER, I AM DESPERATE). It DESERVES a fandom, but more than that, it deserves more people to read it and love it because it is excellent writing.

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones


Mordecai Roberts | Tacroy


Tacroy! My favourite under-used character!

The world NEEDS more Mordecai gen. I have searched AO3 and found disappointingly little. However, the part of Tacroy's history which intrigues me most is the part where he comes from another world as a child as a spy (and they still have a hold on him). It gets mentioned briefly so Christopher can rescue him and then NEVER AGAIN and damn if I don't want more about that. (Angst please? Angst would be so welcome here)

Additional notes:
So I have a "people being forced to betray others against their will" thing and Mordecai scratches it beautifully (TWICE OVER). They plonked him in another world as a baby (and how was he brought up? How did they tell him? Was he a child or already working for Chrestomanci?) and they OWNED him, and he was so very conscious and miserably resigned to that and surely just freeing him wasn't something he could suddenly get over whatever Christopher thought and.. yeah. I will love anything you write about this.

Dark Ground - Gillian Cross


Zak (Dark Ground)


How did Zak get shrunk? We KNOW there's a specific trauma for everyone who gets shrunk, but the story never goes near what his was and I want to knooow. How did he get to have the role he has? How do we get to where we are at the start of the series? Again, angst is welcome here.

Additional notes:
Heh, I suddenly realised the prompt above had a pretty ginormous spoiler in so I cut it - that's no way to sell the series!

This is another thing I love and am pretty sure I'm not getting (NO ONE signed up to write it). That said, if you're interested, it's only three books. And they're YA so they're short books, even.

I read the whole series desperate to find out what Zak's deal was and certain it would be in by the end. However, clearly the author felt differently because she just let that thread drop. I just got all mesmorised by his blue eyes, and the fact he's so firm about making everyone forget; was it him who set that up? How did he think of it? What state was everyone in when he arrived?

Exiles - Melanie Rawn


There are so MANY stories I'd like in this woefully unfinished series. Cailet growing up in the Waste as a kid! Val and his daughter! Val and Alin! Anything at all about Collan (oh, Collan) especially the backstory we never got of who he is. Also Sarra/Collan are one of my favourite couples in anything ever.

Additional notes:
Yeah, this one was a little scanty in detail. Sorry about that, the baby was fidgetting by this point and I had to hurry up and finish! It does not however mean I love the series any less, because it ranks as one of my favourite series ever. I'm just heartbroken that we're probably never getting a third book.

I know "Any" strictly speaking means "Any characters nominated" but if you want to pick another character don't let that stop you. Specifically Cailet growing up fic, Sarra/Collan slice of life fic, Collan backstory, anything at all about Alin and Val, um.. anything else you can think of really. These are awesome characters in an awesome series. I love the politics, the world-building, just everything.

Have fun! I have to go now (baby again) but I hope that helps.


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