Laura Walker (googlebrat) wrote,
Laura Walker

Yuletide Recs!

Time for my recs - which for some reason all appear to be books, mostly YA. Apparently I have a Type for stuff I like.

Okay, gifts first because my giftfics DEFINITELY deserve more of the love than they're getting.

Someone wrote me LOVELY CHERUB fic which was exactly what I requested, and then topped it by writing me a treat prequel. It is the ONLY CHERUB fic this year, and it's breaking my heart that they're not getting more of the love so please go take a look! All you basically need to know is that CHERUB is a series about orphaned kids who get brought into a (top secret does-not-officially-exist) secret service. I asked for repercussions on the kids who left and oh boy, did I get it. These are well-plotted and with awesome character voices and manage to have a nearly-happy ending without going to "and then it was all magically fixed". It is awesome and I demand you read it.

Barely Breathing

The Final Briefing

And then I ALSO got Queen's Thief fic which took me by surprise! I'd been rather mournfully eying the number of Queen's Thief fics (four) and telling myself there was NO WAY my prompt was going to be in those four, and pouting to myself. And then it was! And it was exactly what I'd asked for, and dealt with how the gods felt about what they had to do for the sake of the world and yay!

Letting Go

Other recs of random things I have liked which aren't getting enough love!

Neither Have I Wings To Fly - Tillerman Cycle, but you really don't need to have read the books to enjoy it I think. I think this is a lovely look at how two girls grow and mature into adults, growing apart and back together. The writing style is just lovely, and the characterisation is great.

Morning, Die Rosen - Chalet School fic! With Jack sounding exactly Jack. My childhood is delighted by this one.

A Dream Of Wind - a beautiful Peter Pan fic about Mr Darling. The author really has the writing style spot on on this one, I could easily believe I was reading part of the canon.

Barriers - I danced a happy little dance when I saw there was Hexwood fic this year, and this is very believable as an after-effect for Modion's experiences.
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