Laura Walker (googlebrat) wrote,
Laura Walker

Hunger Games

Oh god. After hearing the Hunger Games trailer was out, Hugh made me watch it. Well, NOW I know why I heard people comparing it to Twilight *flails*.

People-who-have-not-read-the-books, can I just say that they've pretty much taken at least 50% of the even SLIGHTLY smooshy moments out of the first book and stuck them in that trailer? This is not generally a smooshy book. It is a book where the heroine spends most of her time thinking "How can I fake being smooshy for the publicity?" If they're trying to keep the mood in the trailer up for most of the film well, uh. They can't unless they rewrite.

Seriously, this is a series unsmooshy enough that my husband loved it. WTF, film trailer people?

(The book does however have the awesome aspect of the heroine viewing everything in light of her relationship with her younger sister. Which I loved.)
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