Laura Walker (googlebrat) wrote,
Laura Walker

Dear Yuletide Goat..

Dear Yuletide Goat,

I want... a pony. Unfortunately, I have been informed I can't have a pony. Apparently, even a small one is unlikely to fit in my bedroom. This is terribly sad.

You might have noticed that most of my requests are marked with a preference for gen. I like gen. I don't mind some relationships (be they slash or het) but I really like a focus on plot if you can give me it. Plot is awesome.

My requests are all books this year, and three of the four are actually pretty easy to catch up on, so if you get stuck on whatever we matched on, fear not! We have options!

CHERUB - Robert Muchamore

I asked for Lauren and James fic, but I can be talked around on that Lauren is the main one I want a fic focusing on here.

See, CHERUB hurts my morals. They have an ethics committee and all, and yet every now and then you see how very screwed up these kids are getting. It happens when another kid gets kicked out of the program for something, when you realise how much alcohol consumption and sexual activity is cheerfully being looked away from by the adults (you're telling me they can run CHERUB and don't know), when it becomes clear that Mr Large got really screwed up by his training. And I have a bet that James is 50% likely to turn to crime once he's out.

Lauren strikes me as the type to realise that more than him, and the type to get pissed off about it. And then.. what? Try to turn against CHERUB and call the papers? Take it over from the inside? Tell me what happens next!

Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

This is only four books, so you can easily catch up on it and you SHOULD because it's awesome. I asked for a story with Eugenides the God, but really I'd be happy with any of the gods. I don't want so much the legends we get in the books, so much as an expansion on the brief glances we get of gods that are so close to people. Moira in the library, Eugenides watching Gen's mother die (if you fall as a thief it's because he's let you drop), the gods with spoke to Eddis -- what did they think amongst themselves?

Hexwood -- Diana Wynne Jones

Even less -- this is only ONE book and I asked for Mordion fic, because Mordion makes my heart hurt, but what I really want here is backstory. Where did these babies come from? Who were their mothers? Were they related? Were they killed afterwards or did they try to get their babies back? Was it all an attempt by Reigner 1 to keep their houses under control? You don't even have to include him as more than a baby if the story doesn't turn that way, and he certainly doesn't have to be a main character. I just want to know how we got here.

Discworld -- Terry Pratchett

Yes, yes, I know that Discworld is huge but I requested Tiffany fic and Tiffany stories are only four books. Start from Wee Free Man and go from there, and you'll be fine.

I would really like something with Amber in, from the newest book. She was introduced very intriguingly, but then Terry had done not nearly enough for me with her by the end of the book, and I really want to know what next for Amber.

If you can't handle that, bittersweet fic about how the relationship between Tiff and Roland broke up would suit me down to the ground also.

Take all of my ideas or none of them and know that whatever you do I will doubtless be very grateful. Thank you very much, yule writer, and have fun with it (I'm holding out for that pony though.)

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