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Time Is Not An Infinite Dimension In Space

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17th October 2014

3:17pm: Arolos Weyr- Eighth Pass Pern PBeM
Riders trying to fight Fall with substandard firestone - as likely to cause problems as it is to actually kill the Thread. Weyrlings preparing to move out on their own for the first time, and encountering new neighbours who might be awesome or as terrible as anyone you've ever had the misfortune to live next to. A Lord Holder trying to deal diplomatically with the Weyrwoman while cordially hating her. Candidates preparing for a new Clutch while their CandidateMasters try to warn them that if they have second thoughts now is the time to state them - there won't be time later on!

Arolos is a canon Pern game based in the Eighth Pass. The fact that we're still running on email groups says that we're old-style, and at fifteen years old you might expect that. We don't go outside the traditional canon colours, and other than girls on blues we stick pretty firmly to the canon gender-based Impressing.

But in fifteen years we've had time to get really REALLY good at plotting.

What you can expect at Arolos changes from month to month. Over the years we've had earthquakes and volcanoes, murderers and forgeries, political tensions and careful maneuvering. Our Weyrleaders have varied between awesome, incompetent, evil and just too young to take seriously. Our Candidates and Weyrlings, even after fifteen years, still surprise their teachers by getting into entirely new types of trouble. Life goes on.

If you're looking for a canon group which is guaranteed not to shut down overnight, join us. Don't worry about not knowing how to play by email - we'll show you and filters make life beautifully easy. Don't worry about fitting in to an established group either - our players are always excited by new members and you're likely to be inundated with offers to write. Whatever character you'd like to write, give us a try - and maybe it'll be your plot I'm advertising next!


16th October 2014

10:56pm: Dear Yuletide Writer..
It's Yuletide, hurrah! And a little early for a letter, but at least it prevents the baby from distracting me too much to write one.

Young Wizards - Diane Duane (Lone Power)

Thank you whoever nommed the Lone Power for an option I didn't know I wanted until I saw it on the list!Fic from the Lone Power's POV, please - Lone Power falling maybe, or one of the Lone Powers trapped, or just a battle from its point of view. Is it lonely? Can it visit Timeheart? Please don't make it irredeemably evil as we know it is redeemable.

Things I'd prefer not to have: Kit and Nita grown up (it's fine for them to feature, but I prefer them as kids). Tom and Carl focused fic would also be fine.

Optional obscure crossover: The 101 Dalmations has a sequel (see, I said it was obscure!) where a mysterious star appears to offer all the dogs a choice. I'd love this to be the actual Choice for dogs (but as I don't think many people have ever read this, I don't expect to get it - just asking on the off-chance!)

Exiles - Melanie Rawn (Sarra Ambrai)

Sarra and Collan are one of my favourite book romances ever, so if you want to write them together (particularly scrapping and making up) go for it. Other ideas: Sarra when the kids are small - we know this is a culture where the father is expected to raise the kids so how does she feel about it? Sarra doing awesome political manipulations. Sarra and Glenin not long after they split/growing up apart, maybe thinking of each other.

I'd prefer not to have anything based after Collan dies (I'm still in denial about that ;-))

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones (Mordecai Roberts | Tacroy)

The world NEEDS more Mordecai gen. I have searched AO3 and found disappointingly little. However, the part of Tacroy's history which intrigues me most is the part where he comes from another world as a child as a spy (and they still have a hold on him). It gets mentioned briefly so Christopher can rescue him and then NEVER AGAIN and damn if I don't want more about that. (Angst please? Angst would be so welcome here)

Additional notes:
So I have a "people being forced to betray others against their will" thing and Mordecai scratches it beautifully (TWICE OVER). They plonked him in another world as a baby (and how was he brought up? How did they tell him? Was he a child or already working for Chrestomanci?) and they OWNED him, and he was so very conscious and miserably resigned to that and surely just freeing him wasn't something he could suddenly get over whatever Christopher thought and.. yeah. I will love anything you write about this.

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner (Moira, Hephestia)

Feel free to throw other gods into this (there's a Eugenides in the tag-set, but I presume its the man and not the god. I have appealed and if that goes through will add him shortly!). I'd like a god's eye view of things - the gods manipulating things so they happen in the way they must, getting annoyed when they don't go the right way, maybe regretting the things they have to do (choosing the day you DON'T catch your thief must be one of the hardest things), maybe getting amused at the petty things mortals think they should worry about (pay your fine). I know I've picked Moira and Hephastia but I'm not so bothered about whether it's either or both of them or other gods as long as it's god-centred.

The only thing I'd prefer not to have here is stuff in the style of the legends in the books, the retellings the characters do. I'd prefer to have it focused on the gods thoughts and feelings rather than mortal's interpretations of that.

Ender Series - Orson Scott Card (Peter Wiggin, Valentine Wiggin)

I love Peter and Valentine plotting together after Ender left, and working out their plan for changing people's opinions over the net. Give me them working together, fighting, making up - sort of, never really, but sort of. Give me the two of them before Ender came along, and their reactions to getting a Third. Give me Valentine telling Peter after she had to go talk to Ender, or them talking after Peter ensured Ender could never come back to Earth. Give me them after their parents were all ...yeah, we knew about you all along (I laughed so hard at that).

About the only thing I don't want here is shippy fic, thank you!

Pandemic (Board Game)

I am delighted to see this in the tag-set, hurray! Give me something apocalyptaficcy, with people panicking about the End Of The World and running around everywhere and somehow managing to pull survival out of the hat (even though epidemics keep breaking out out of NOWHERE in cities that never even were infected before). Panic, world ending and survival AGAINST ALL ODDS sounds awesome, especially if you can somehow work in cards like One Quiet Night.

I don't have either of the expansions so please leave those out, and obviously please avoid referencing real life pandemics (especially ebola).

20th August 2014

12:19pm: Arolos Weyr - the Pern PBeM which just keeps going!
Do you want a game which won't die under you? A game with constant plots and players who are active and interested in helping you join in, but a game which won't pressure you to play at those times real life comes calling?

Arolos Weyr is a Pern game which has been running nearly fifteen years. With that kind of lifespan we understand that all our players have times where they have to go deal with life, so we don't try to pressure them with post-counts. Instead we rely on plots and active play to catch their attention and keep it, from earthquakes and tsunamis to political intrigue. We're an email game for all aged 13 and up, and we're as happy to take you if you've never played before as we are if you've been playing for the last decade.

What's happening currently? Gold Valkath is rising, promising that a Clutch will be on the Sands sometime soon and Candidates will be needed. The after-effects of an earthquake a few months ago are still being felt, leaving Holders struggling to pay their tithes as they try to make vital repairs. The Healer Hall is being pressured into giving its best Healers to the Northern Weyrs, leaving Arolos to struggle with the newer Journeymen and the ones no-one wants. Sound like enough plotting for you? The BoD are constantly whispering in the wings, and you never know when the next plot will appear over the horizon.

Bring Candidates, riders, Crafters and anyone else you have in your head and join us. Plots are waiting for you..


14th October 2013

1:59pm: Yuletide letter placeholder
Note to writer: I'm trying to finish this letter over the weekend, but I have a baby. He's small and cute and yells at inconvenient points. If I seem to break off at a weird point I had to save what I had and will be back later.

prompts underneathCollapse )

1st November 2012

8:05pm: Yuletide letter!
Dear Yuletide Writer,

This should have gone up sooner but I was tired/hungry/trying to handle my crazy office so it's slightly later than I wanted. Hope it works regardless!

I picked four hugely different fandoms this year I think, so I hope what we matched on works for you (because I doubt we matched on two!). What I like generally is gen, plot (lots of plot!), stuff that makes me laugh, stuff that makes me cry and happy endings. Poignant is awesome. I don't mind relationship stuff as background but I prefer it not to be the whole point of the fic if possible, and generally prefer it kept at PG13 level.

Red Dwarf - Dave Lister

I want Lister to get to Fiji.

I am okay about how you do this. It could be alternate universe fic where no-one found Frankenstein and everyone didn't die and they made it to Fiji (and then what? It couldn't quite work as simply as he hoped, it never works that way). You could have Lister trying to cope with a litter of kittens. It could be him dragging a very confused Cat to Fiji (and Cat being disgusted because they have no sense of style!). You could include the guy who led the religion of Lister. It could be ensemble fic with the entire crew crashing on Fiji.

Make it funny if you can - I'm fine with touches of angst but I'd rather not be bawling by the end! I'd prefer gen - background relationships are fine but I'm really here for the plot. Have not seen the new series so no spoilers please!

Chess - Any Character

This musical is so angry and I love it for sharp lines like "There's a time and there's a place!". I love the politics, I love the people acting selfishly (sure, dude, just run off and leave your wife to suffer), I love that in the end the most important thing is chess.

I wrote Any Characters and I meant it. Write me something about the politics, write me what Anatoly's wife thought stuck behind after he left, write me Florence frustrated and furious with Frederick (because Frederick is an ass) or why she ever thought getting together with him was even remotely a good idea, write me what happened after to any of them, write Florence and Frederick or Florence and Anatoly or both. Favourite songs, if it helps, are One Night In Bangkok (of course!) and 1956, Budapest Is Rising (THERE'S A TIME AND THERE'S A PLACE!)

I am okay if you make me cry with this. Or if the fic comes out angry (though try and avoid issue-fic?). I'd prefer no slash just because I don't see it in this fandom, and I know the musical is far from PG13 but if you could try and keep it down just because I'm awful at reading porn that would be great.

Hook (1991) - Tootles

Oh, Tootles, he found his marbles and I was SO HAPPY for him. I know he was only a bit character but I want Tootles fic. I want to know how he lost his marbles. I want sad stories about him growing old trying to remember being a lost boy. I want to know how he ended up living at Wendy's (I could totally see hints of Tootles/Wendy) I want to know where he flew to when he got them back. I want him flying back to Neverland (in his second childhood?) and being the oldest Lost Boy ever.

Make me wistful, make me cry, make me sad, make me happy. Tootles just makes me want to hug him forever.

Dar Williams songs

That my summary for this was short should not dismay you, dear writer. Do not be concerned - I just added it at the last minute while half-asleep and ran out of time to write what I wanted!

As Cool As I Am

Yea, there was a time I didn't like the love, I liked the climbers,
I was no sister then, I was running out of time and one liners,
And I was afraid, like you are when you're too young to know the time, and
So I watched the way you take your fear and hoard the horizon,
You point, you have a word for every woman you can lay your eyes on,
Like you own them just because you bought the time,
And you turn to me, you say you hope I'm not threatened

This is such a great confident song about realising that you don't have to let other people talk you down and that other women are not the enemy. Would love the story of someone working their way through to that realisation. (If you want to do a Yuletide crossover - though if you don't that is fine - I could see this working well with Bridesmaids)

The Beauty of The Rain

But when she gave you more to find
You let her think she'd lost her mind
And that's all on you
Feeling helpless if she asked for help
Or scared you'd have to change yourself

It's about someone who is wanting to know more about their love and then when she gave it all up panicked and found it too much. This could be such a sad story (or could it have a happy ending?) because it says that thing, where you say 'you should talk more'? It doesn't always go the way you'll think.

The Blessings

I had the blessings, a moment of peace even when the night ends,
Yeah, the blessings, can we meet? Can we meet again,
At the crossroads of disaster and the imperfect smile,
With the angel in the streetlamp that blinks on as I walk on a mile, the blessings.

It's an anti-love story. It's about relationships ending and being able to see them as they were properly. It's about being able to work through and come through the other side and survive. It's about helping others survive. It is awesome.

Blue Light of the Flame

Yes, when the hurricanes came
We were the Gods that we blame
We have orange-red fire, we feel our desire
You kneel at the blue light of the flame

This could be a metaphor.. or it could be a very cool scifi story (it always felt SGAish to me). Whatever you write, it's probably going to make me cry and that is okay.

If none of these work, look up some of her other songs - I'm good with that too! I particularly like Empire and The Great Unknown could be a wonderful scifi story (I'm just trying to put the atom back together). I also love The Mercy of the Fallen and Liar.

I have probably talked too much. Have fun, enjoy yourself, it will be fine!

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1st January 2012

12:50pm: Happy new year
So I apparently started the new year by beating myself up with a TINY CARDBOARD TAG in the night. Seriously, there's blood all over the bed. WTF, world?

Went to toilet in night, got back in, scratched hip on something, went "ow". Couldn't find anything, still halfasleep, thought it must have been oddly sharp feather, went back to sleep.

In morning, my trousers slip down my hip, Hugh goes "OW" and touches SEVERAL INCHES LONG SCRATCH over my hip. Investigate, there is a tiny stiff cardboard tag (the sort you get on clothes) in bed and blood all over sheet (seriously all over sheet. I apparently rolled about. There are spatter patterns).

If I stretch my hand out the cut goes from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my middle finger. I repeat, TINY CARDBOARD TAG. How?
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30th December 2011

4:11pm: Yuletide Recs!
Time for my recs - which for some reason all appear to be books, mostly YA. Apparently I have a Type for stuff I like.

CHERUB, Queen's Thief, Tillerman Cycle, Chalet School,Peter Pan, HexwoodCollapse )

21st November 2011

12:04pm: Hunger Games
Oh god. After hearing the Hunger Games trailer was out, Hugh made me watch it. Well, NOW I know why I heard people comparing it to Twilight *flails*.

People-who-have-not-read-the-books, can I just say that they've pretty much taken at least 50% of the even SLIGHTLY smooshy moments out of the first book and stuck them in that trailer? This is not generally a smooshy book. It is a book where the heroine spends most of her time thinking "How can I fake being smooshy for the publicity?" If they're trying to keep the mood in the trailer up for most of the film well, uh. They can't unless they rewrite.

Seriously, this is a series unsmooshy enough that my husband loved it. WTF, film trailer people?

(The book does however have the awesome aspect of the heroine viewing everything in light of her relationship with her younger sister. Which I loved.)

20th November 2011

5:22pm: Dear Yuletide Writer..
Right! Time to sit down and write my Yuletide letter. Except, you know, I have a sinus headache and Sudafed is making the world all floaty so ignore anything particularly incoherent.

CHERUB, Queen's Thief, Fire and Hemlock and Ender's GameCollapse )
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27th September 2011

10:00pm: How did this happen?

Her name is Omni. She was a stray who, apparently, comes with the bungalow. And, the vet says today, she is not in heat nor pregnant.

Because she's a boy.


2nd August 2011

10:33am: 4 days to go!
Due to our Order of Service getting printed on the wrong card and subsequently reprinted, we have approximately 130 spares if anyone would like a copy posting after the honeymoon.


23rd May 2011

5:37pm: Getting rid of ALL OF THE THINGS!



Adding things pretty much constantly right now so keep an eye on things! All sorts going up from books, gadgety things, manga, DVDs... you get the idea.
5:31pm: Book Swappin'!
Currently in the process of ebaying/Amazon marketplace/car booting/bookmooching/freecycling EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD before we get ready to move. More on that, with links, in a bit (anyone wanna buy Dr Who audio tapes plays?)

One of the things Hugh has in abundance is Star Trek/Star Wars/Dr Who novels. He collects them and there's a big pile of duplicates. They're not worth enough to eBay or Amazon but he would rather swap them for other books of the same sort that he hasn't got than just chuck them into bookmooch's big points bath and hope Who or Trek books come up.

So, if I typed up a list would anyone be interested in swapping dupes? I know I have folk on here who might.

11th April 2011

5:38pm: Holiday Book Recommendations!
So, we now have our honeymoon booked (Corfu, yay!) and I need to contemplate which books to take away with me. This may take a combination of the local humongous book swap store, ebay, Amazon, bookmooch and having my birthday just after I leave as two weeks is an awesome amount of reading (and my Kindle is NOT going near the pool!) so I figured I would lean on you folks for recs.

Things I like and things I don't

  • No books available just in hardback! Too heavy!

  • I like Mercedes Lackey but it's horrible to source over in the UK. I liked Protector of the Small too.

  • Like the CHERUB series, disliked Alex Rider. I need a certain amount of realism in my kiddy spies

  • Have a YA weakness in general actually. Megan Whalen-Turner was my last really good discovery in that area.

  • Have a great fondness for both Diana Wynne Jones and Diane Duane (especially her Wizard series. Rather fond of Jenny Nimmo's Children of the Red King series too.

  • Fonder of fantasy than scifi. Never hit it off with Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony is a little TOO light and I grew out of Anne McCaffrey. Got sick of Terry Goodkind too. Melanie Rawn, David Eddings, Robin Hobb are all examples of a style I still love though. And I need to read more Ursala le Guin

  • Secret weakness for girly boarding school stories. My Chalet School collection, it grows, slowly and quietly.

  • Do I even need to mention Pratchett?

Any recs? Who is everyone reading at present?

1st March 2011

11:32pm: The Most Unsuitable Wedding Song List Evar
It became clear, when looking for wedding songs, that it is More Difficult Than You Might Think. I might have four days worth of nonstop songs.. and yet the VAST majority appear to be about breakups, cheating, violence, death, the apocalypse, more sex than I want my elderly relatives to listen to or ALL OF THESE.

So I made an anti-wedding songlist instead, just for fun. (Surprisingly, it was much easier).

First Dance I'll Never Tell

Father:Daughter Papa Don't Preach

Bride: Best Man Take A Chance On Me

Followed by:

Closing On: Another Suitcase In Another Hall

And not quite making the cut

Are You Happy Now?

If I Wrote You

Better Days

Fast Car

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

If You Could Read My Mind

11th December 2010

7:53am: YAY

9th December 2010

12:04am: Free book!
And it's one of my favourite YA authors so I highly suggest trying it.


29th November 2010

11:38am: Snowed in
Although, at a different house. Hugh came home, got his car stuck at my house, dug MY car out and drove it downhill backwards through snow VERY SLOWLY.

Hugh rocks \o/. And I packed clothes for a week so I'm good.

No uni until it clears a bit. (I could probably make it if I used public transport and didn't mind freezing cold walks through a foot of snow but this? THIS is why I did the running for perfect attendance until now)

And it's STILL snowing. At this point, it's starting to feel like the rice pudding poem, you know..

Read more...Collapse )

Oh look! Snow. Lovely. IT CAN STOP NOW.

27th November 2010

1:41pm: Laura is begging favours
For my degree major project (basically my dissertation, but with more practical work) I am designing and building a shared media player. Because I think it would be awesome. You know how people used to all watch TV together and then discuss it next day, and then we all got a million recording devices and iplayer, and then we lost that? Okay, so imagine if you could start up a chat-room with your friends, and everyone signalled ready, and you all could start watching the latest episode of White Collar or whatever simultaneously? And gossip about it as it went on rather than later through LJ or DW. Or if you could run a community which had moderated chats and everyone could pile in and watch CSI S1 together with the moderator starting and controlling it?

(Yes, my project has been inspired by "Dammit, why hasn't someone built this for me yet?". Hush now.)

What I need is people willing to fill in questionnaires for me. There are going to be two sets of those -- one now, and one when I have something built to actually test. However, it's a little more complicated than that.

Because this is for my study, and I'm using actual human people, I need anyone I use to sign an Ethics form (with an actual pen!) which says you've been informed of your rights and are fully aware of what you're signing up for and that I can dissect you (okay, maybe not that last part). I will need you to print it, sign it, and either snailmail it back to me or scan it in for me to print. Without it I cannot use you.

If you're up for that, you are awesome and please let me know and give me your email. I'll send stuff across to you shortly.

26th November 2010

7:45pm: I hate winter
Procrastination: When you start laundering bedding you found under the bed which has possibly been there since you moved in.

25th November 2010

1:19pm: Is it still just November?
The sky is falling. It is white, and fluffy, and cold and all over the place.

We should totally tell the king.

20th November 2010

5:11pm: Dear Yuletide Goat..
Dear Yuletide Goat,

I want... a pony. Unfortunately, I have been informed I can't have a pony. Apparently, even a small one is unlikely to fit in my bedroom. This is terribly sad.

So, I must ask for fic insteadCollapse )

Take all of my ideas or none of them and know that whatever you do I will doubtless be very grateful. Thank you very much, yule writer, and have fun with it (I'm holding out for that pony though.)

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