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Dear Yuletide Writer..

It's Yuletide, hurrah! And a little early for a letter, but at least it prevents the baby from distracting me too much to write one.

Young Wizards - Diane Duane (Lone Power)

Thank you whoever nommed the Lone Power for an option I didn't know I wanted until I saw it on the list!Fic from the Lone Power's POV, please - Lone Power falling maybe, or one of the Lone Powers trapped, or just a battle from its point of view. Is it lonely? Can it visit Timeheart? Please don't make it irredeemably evil as we know it is redeemable.

Things I'd prefer not to have: Kit and Nita grown up (it's fine for them to feature, but I prefer them as kids). Tom and Carl focused fic would also be fine.

Optional obscure crossover: The 101 Dalmations has a sequel (see, I said it was obscure!) where a mysterious star appears to offer all the dogs a choice. I'd love this to be the actual Choice for dogs (but as I don't think many people have ever read this, I don't expect to get it - just asking on the off-chance!)

Exiles - Melanie Rawn (Sarra Ambrai)

Sarra and Collan are one of my favourite book romances ever, so if you want to write them together (particularly scrapping and making up) go for it. Other ideas: Sarra when the kids are small - we know this is a culture where the father is expected to raise the kids so how does she feel about it? Sarra doing awesome political manipulations. Sarra and Glenin not long after they split/growing up apart, maybe thinking of each other.

I'd prefer not to have anything based after Collan dies (I'm still in denial about that ;-))

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones (Mordecai Roberts | Tacroy)

The world NEEDS more Mordecai gen. I have searched AO3 and found disappointingly little. However, the part of Tacroy's history which intrigues me most is the part where he comes from another world as a child as a spy (and they still have a hold on him). It gets mentioned briefly so Christopher can rescue him and then NEVER AGAIN and damn if I don't want more about that. (Angst please? Angst would be so welcome here)

Additional notes:
So I have a "people being forced to betray others against their will" thing and Mordecai scratches it beautifully (TWICE OVER). They plonked him in another world as a baby (and how was he brought up? How did they tell him? Was he a child or already working for Chrestomanci?) and they OWNED him, and he was so very conscious and miserably resigned to that and surely just freeing him wasn't something he could suddenly get over whatever Christopher thought and.. yeah. I will love anything you write about this.

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner (Moira, Hephestia)

Feel free to throw other gods into this (there's a Eugenides in the tag-set, but I presume its the man and not the god. I have appealed and if that goes through will add him shortly!). I'd like a god's eye view of things - the gods manipulating things so they happen in the way they must, getting annoyed when they don't go the right way, maybe regretting the things they have to do (choosing the day you DON'T catch your thief must be one of the hardest things), maybe getting amused at the petty things mortals think they should worry about (pay your fine). I know I've picked Moira and Hephastia but I'm not so bothered about whether it's either or both of them or other gods as long as it's god-centred.

The only thing I'd prefer not to have here is stuff in the style of the legends in the books, the retellings the characters do. I'd prefer to have it focused on the gods thoughts and feelings rather than mortal's interpretations of that.

Ender Series - Orson Scott Card (Peter Wiggin, Valentine Wiggin)

I love Peter and Valentine plotting together after Ender left, and working out their plan for changing people's opinions over the net. Give me them working together, fighting, making up - sort of, never really, but sort of. Give me the two of them before Ender came along, and their reactions to getting a Third. Give me Valentine telling Peter after she had to go talk to Ender, or them talking after Peter ensured Ender could never come back to Earth. Give me them after their parents were all ...yeah, we knew about you all along (I laughed so hard at that).

About the only thing I don't want here is shippy fic, thank you!

Pandemic (Board Game)

I am delighted to see this in the tag-set, hurray! Give me something apocalyptaficcy, with people panicking about the End Of The World and running around everywhere and somehow managing to pull survival out of the hat (even though epidemics keep breaking out out of NOWHERE in cities that never even were infected before). Panic, world ending and survival AGAINST ALL ODDS sounds awesome, especially if you can somehow work in cards like One Quiet Night.

I don't have either of the expansions so please leave those out, and obviously please avoid referencing real life pandemics (especially ebola).
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