Laura Walker (googlebrat) wrote,
Laura Walker

Arolos Weyr - the Pern PBeM which just keeps going!

Do you want a game which won't die under you? A game with constant plots and players who are active and interested in helping you join in, but a game which won't pressure you to play at those times real life comes calling?

Arolos Weyr is a Pern game which has been running nearly fifteen years. With that kind of lifespan we understand that all our players have times where they have to go deal with life, so we don't try to pressure them with post-counts. Instead we rely on plots and active play to catch their attention and keep it, from earthquakes and tsunamis to political intrigue. We're an email game for all aged 13 and up, and we're as happy to take you if you've never played before as we are if you've been playing for the last decade.

What's happening currently? Gold Valkath is rising, promising that a Clutch will be on the Sands sometime soon and Candidates will be needed. The after-effects of an earthquake a few months ago are still being felt, leaving Holders struggling to pay their tithes as they try to make vital repairs. The Healer Hall is being pressured into giving its best Healers to the Northern Weyrs, leaving Arolos to struggle with the newer Journeymen and the ones no-one wants. Sound like enough plotting for you? The BoD are constantly whispering in the wings, and you never know when the next plot will appear over the horizon.

Bring Candidates, riders, Crafters and anyone else you have in your head and join us. Plots are waiting for you..
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