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Yuletide letter!

Dear Yuletide Writer,

This should have gone up sooner but I was tired/hungry/trying to handle my crazy office so it's slightly later than I wanted. Hope it works regardless!

I picked four hugely different fandoms this year I think, so I hope what we matched on works for you (because I doubt we matched on two!). What I like generally is gen, plot (lots of plot!), stuff that makes me laugh, stuff that makes me cry and happy endings. Poignant is awesome. I don't mind relationship stuff as background but I prefer it not to be the whole point of the fic if possible, and generally prefer it kept at PG13 level.

Red Dwarf - Dave Lister

I want Lister to get to Fiji.

I am okay about how you do this. It could be alternate universe fic where no-one found Frankenstein and everyone didn't die and they made it to Fiji (and then what? It couldn't quite work as simply as he hoped, it never works that way). You could have Lister trying to cope with a litter of kittens. It could be him dragging a very confused Cat to Fiji (and Cat being disgusted because they have no sense of style!). You could include the guy who led the religion of Lister. It could be ensemble fic with the entire crew crashing on Fiji.

Make it funny if you can - I'm fine with touches of angst but I'd rather not be bawling by the end! I'd prefer gen - background relationships are fine but I'm really here for the plot. Have not seen the new series so no spoilers please!

Chess - Any Character

This musical is so angry and I love it for sharp lines like "There's a time and there's a place!". I love the politics, I love the people acting selfishly (sure, dude, just run off and leave your wife to suffer), I love that in the end the most important thing is chess.

I wrote Any Characters and I meant it. Write me something about the politics, write me what Anatoly's wife thought stuck behind after he left, write me Florence frustrated and furious with Frederick (because Frederick is an ass) or why she ever thought getting together with him was even remotely a good idea, write me what happened after to any of them, write Florence and Frederick or Florence and Anatoly or both. Favourite songs, if it helps, are One Night In Bangkok (of course!) and 1956, Budapest Is Rising (THERE'S A TIME AND THERE'S A PLACE!)

I am okay if you make me cry with this. Or if the fic comes out angry (though try and avoid issue-fic?). I'd prefer no slash just because I don't see it in this fandom, and I know the musical is far from PG13 but if you could try and keep it down just because I'm awful at reading porn that would be great.

Hook (1991) - Tootles

Oh, Tootles, he found his marbles and I was SO HAPPY for him. I know he was only a bit character but I want Tootles fic. I want to know how he lost his marbles. I want sad stories about him growing old trying to remember being a lost boy. I want to know how he ended up living at Wendy's (I could totally see hints of Tootles/Wendy) I want to know where he flew to when he got them back. I want him flying back to Neverland (in his second childhood?) and being the oldest Lost Boy ever.

Make me wistful, make me cry, make me sad, make me happy. Tootles just makes me want to hug him forever.

Dar Williams songs

That my summary for this was short should not dismay you, dear writer. Do not be concerned - I just added it at the last minute while half-asleep and ran out of time to write what I wanted!

As Cool As I Am

Yea, there was a time I didn't like the love, I liked the climbers,
I was no sister then, I was running out of time and one liners,
And I was afraid, like you are when you're too young to know the time, and
So I watched the way you take your fear and hoard the horizon,
You point, you have a word for every woman you can lay your eyes on,
Like you own them just because you bought the time,
And you turn to me, you say you hope I'm not threatened

This is such a great confident song about realising that you don't have to let other people talk you down and that other women are not the enemy. Would love the story of someone working their way through to that realisation. (If you want to do a Yuletide crossover - though if you don't that is fine - I could see this working well with Bridesmaids)

The Beauty of The Rain

But when she gave you more to find
You let her think she'd lost her mind
And that's all on you
Feeling helpless if she asked for help
Or scared you'd have to change yourself

It's about someone who is wanting to know more about their love and then when she gave it all up panicked and found it too much. This could be such a sad story (or could it have a happy ending?) because it says that thing, where you say 'you should talk more'? It doesn't always go the way you'll think.

The Blessings

I had the blessings, a moment of peace even when the night ends,
Yeah, the blessings, can we meet? Can we meet again,
At the crossroads of disaster and the imperfect smile,
With the angel in the streetlamp that blinks on as I walk on a mile, the blessings.

It's an anti-love story. It's about relationships ending and being able to see them as they were properly. It's about being able to work through and come through the other side and survive. It's about helping others survive. It is awesome.

Blue Light of the Flame

Yes, when the hurricanes came
We were the Gods that we blame
We have orange-red fire, we feel our desire
You kneel at the blue light of the flame

This could be a metaphor.. or it could be a very cool scifi story (it always felt SGAish to me). Whatever you write, it's probably going to make me cry and that is okay.

If none of these work, look up some of her other songs - I'm good with that too! I particularly like Empire and The Great Unknown could be a wonderful scifi story (I'm just trying to put the atom back together). I also love The Mercy of the Fallen and Liar.

I have probably talked too much. Have fun, enjoy yourself, it will be fine!

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