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Laura Walker

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Happy new year

So I apparently started the new year by beating myself up with a TINY CARDBOARD TAG in the night. Seriously, there's blood all over the bed. WTF, world?

Went to toilet in night, got back in, scratched hip on something, went "ow". Couldn't find anything, still halfasleep, thought it must have been oddly sharp feather, went back to sleep.

In morning, my trousers slip down my hip, Hugh goes "OW" and touches SEVERAL INCHES LONG SCRATCH over my hip. Investigate, there is a tiny stiff cardboard tag (the sort you get on clothes) in bed and blood all over sheet (seriously all over sheet. I apparently rolled about. There are spatter patterns).

If I stretch my hand out the cut goes from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my middle finger. I repeat, TINY CARDBOARD TAG. How?
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