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Holiday Book Recommendations!

So, we now have our honeymoon booked (Corfu, yay!) and I need to contemplate which books to take away with me. This may take a combination of the local humongous book swap store, ebay, Amazon, bookmooch and having my birthday just after I leave as two weeks is an awesome amount of reading (and my Kindle is NOT going near the pool!) so I figured I would lean on you folks for recs.

Things I like and things I don't

  • No books available just in hardback! Too heavy!

  • I like Mercedes Lackey but it's horrible to source over in the UK. I liked Protector of the Small too.

  • Like the CHERUB series, disliked Alex Rider. I need a certain amount of realism in my kiddy spies

  • Have a YA weakness in general actually. Megan Whalen-Turner was my last really good discovery in that area.

  • Have a great fondness for both Diana Wynne Jones and Diane Duane (especially her Wizard series. Rather fond of Jenny Nimmo's Children of the Red King series too.

  • Fonder of fantasy than scifi. Never hit it off with Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony is a little TOO light and I grew out of Anne McCaffrey. Got sick of Terry Goodkind too. Melanie Rawn, David Eddings, Robin Hobb are all examples of a style I still love though. And I need to read more Ursala le Guin

  • Secret weakness for girly boarding school stories. My Chalet School collection, it grows, slowly and quietly.

  • Do I even need to mention Pratchett?

Any recs? Who is everyone reading at present?
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Cinda Williams Chima, Seanan McGuire (urban fantasy), Robin McKinley? Ash by Malinda Lo was wonderful.
If you like Pratchett and you like literature, have you tried Jason Fforde, particularly the Thursday Next series, which starts with The Eyre Affair? Pratchett likes Fforde's work. He also has the Nursery Crime series -- you might look him up and read summaries on Amazon etc.

Have you tried any of Charles de Lint's contemporary urban fantasy? He has various books set in the mythical city of 'Newford', and he's never made it clear if it's in Canada or the US. He has some decent YA out also.
Violet Haberdasher, Rachel Hawkins, Karen Healey, Melina Marchetta, Michael Scott, James A. Owen

You might like Charlie Higson's young Bond series (period novels about a young James Bond, though they may be too unrealistic for you).

I'll also second Seanan McGuire and Cinda Williams Chima.
How do you feel about urban fantasy? I like Patricia Briggs (she has fantasy and urban fantasy), Carrie Vaughn (series about a werewolf named Kitty, who's a DJ), Charlaine Harris (another vampire series - and centered around my home town! Welcome to the South, y'all!), and Kim Harrison. For young adults - you mentioned Protector of the Small, but did you read her other series, in the same world setting? The Lioness Quartet, the Immortals Quartet, The Bekah Cooper series: Terrier and Bloodhound are the only ones out now...

Kim Harrison also has a couple of series out under the pen name Dawn Cook: the Truth series and the Princess series....

The Hunger Games and sequels by Suzanne Collins.
That is if you haven't read them already.
Sharon Shinn, Jennifer Fallon, Jennifer Roberson, Jim Butcher
Oh I'm so pimping anything by Frances Harding. She has only got about four/five book but I've loved every single on. I would particularly recommend Fly By Night, fantastic yet fallible protagonist, absolutely amazingly detailed and interesting world building, plots, intrigue and a murderous goose. There is also a sequel which I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on.

Also if you like children and young adults' fiction then Active Voice ( does very good reviews.
Seconding Robin McKinley and Charles de Lint. With de Lint, his earlier books are rougher in style but I prefer them to his later books where his style has improved but his hobbyhorses are a little obvious for my taste. My favorite is Jack of Kinrowan.

Patricia Wrede. Particularly the Enchanted Forest books (Dealing With Dragons etc.) and the Sorcery and Cecelia books, but nearly everything by her really. I recently saw a omnibus of Mairelon the Magician and its sequel in an Irish bookshop (rather delightful Regency+magic), so she's not unheard of on this side of the pond.

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files are fun, quirky, and humorous. Slightly geek noir.

Connie Willis. For sheer fun, To Say Nothing of the Dog. It's part of a time travel based series, but they're complete novels in themselves (Well, except for Blackout and All Clear, which are one novel split).

Neil Gaiman: Stardust and The Graveyard Book are my particular favorites, but Neverwhere, American Gods and Anansi Boys get a lot of love too.

Jo Walton may be difficult to find in the UK (she's Welsh but published in the US and no UK publisher has picked her up for some unknown stupidity), but I love her. I just recently devoured Among Others, but she never goes down the same road twice.

A Fine and Private Place by Peter S. Beagle.

Anything by Patricia McKillip. Ever. I've got The Bards of Bone Plain next on my pile for when I get a solid block of reading time, because I likely won't put it down.

Also hard to find and Science Fiction, but really worth trying is Hellspark by Janet Kagan. There definitely seems to be an overlap of people who love this book and are fans of Megan Whalen Turner, Diana Wynne Jones, and Lois McMaster Bujold.

Tam Lin by Pamela Dean

Madeline L'Engle did some boarding school books as well as the Wrinkle in Time series (which were somewhat universe-defining for me) and other books I want to reread.
Oh yes, and Steven Brust, the most recent of whose books is also in my to read pile. The Khaavren Romances (The Phoenix Guards, Five Hundred Years After, The Paths of the Dead, The Lord of Castle Black, and Sethra Lavode) are properly fun swashbucklers in the style of Dumas.
For some reason, I can’t see all of this content, stuff keeps hiding? Are you taking advantage of java?


Song of the Lioness quartet; The Immortals quartet; Protector of the Small quartet; Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen; the Terrier series; Circle of Magic quartet; the Circle Opens.

Um. Raymond E Feist? Elizabeth Moon, although she is sci-fi-y? Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies (It is YA and about animals who are fulfilling destiny and is cheesy as hell and I love it don't judge me. And the same goes for William Horwood's Wolves of Time.)
Hey - I am really happy to discover this. Good job!