Laura Walker (googlebrat) wrote,
Laura Walker

Holiday Book Recommendations!

So, we now have our honeymoon booked (Corfu, yay!) and I need to contemplate which books to take away with me. This may take a combination of the local humongous book swap store, ebay, Amazon, bookmooch and having my birthday just after I leave as two weeks is an awesome amount of reading (and my Kindle is NOT going near the pool!) so I figured I would lean on you folks for recs.

Things I like and things I don't

  • No books available just in hardback! Too heavy!

  • I like Mercedes Lackey but it's horrible to source over in the UK. I liked Protector of the Small too.

  • Like the CHERUB series, disliked Alex Rider. I need a certain amount of realism in my kiddy spies

  • Have a YA weakness in general actually. Megan Whalen-Turner was my last really good discovery in that area.

  • Have a great fondness for both Diana Wynne Jones and Diane Duane (especially her Wizard series. Rather fond of Jenny Nimmo's Children of the Red King series too.

  • Fonder of fantasy than scifi. Never hit it off with Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony is a little TOO light and I grew out of Anne McCaffrey. Got sick of Terry Goodkind too. Melanie Rawn, David Eddings, Robin Hobb are all examples of a style I still love though. And I need to read more Ursala le Guin

  • Secret weakness for girly boarding school stories. My Chalet School collection, it grows, slowly and quietly.

  • Do I even need to mention Pratchett?

Any recs? Who is everyone reading at present?
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