Laura Walker (googlebrat) wrote,
Laura Walker

The Most Unsuitable Wedding Song List Evar

It became clear, when looking for wedding songs, that it is More Difficult Than You Might Think. I might have four days worth of nonstop songs.. and yet the VAST majority appear to be about breakups, cheating, violence, death, the apocalypse, more sex than I want my elderly relatives to listen to or ALL OF THESE.

So I made an anti-wedding songlist instead, just for fun. (Surprisingly, it was much easier).

First Dance I'll Never Tell

Father:Daughter Papa Don't Preach

Bride: Best Man Take A Chance On Me

Followed by:

Closing On: Another Suitcase In Another Hall

And not quite making the cut

Are You Happy Now?

If I Wrote You

Better Days

Fast Car

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

If You Could Read My Mind
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