Laura Walker (googlebrat) wrote,
Laura Walker

Laura is begging favours

For my degree major project (basically my dissertation, but with more practical work) I am designing and building a shared media player. Because I think it would be awesome. You know how people used to all watch TV together and then discuss it next day, and then we all got a million recording devices and iplayer, and then we lost that? Okay, so imagine if you could start up a chat-room with your friends, and everyone signalled ready, and you all could start watching the latest episode of White Collar or whatever simultaneously? And gossip about it as it went on rather than later through LJ or DW. Or if you could run a community which had moderated chats and everyone could pile in and watch CSI S1 together with the moderator starting and controlling it?

(Yes, my project has been inspired by "Dammit, why hasn't someone built this for me yet?". Hush now.)

What I need is people willing to fill in questionnaires for me. There are going to be two sets of those -- one now, and one when I have something built to actually test. However, it's a little more complicated than that.

Because this is for my study, and I'm using actual human people, I need anyone I use to sign an Ethics form (with an actual pen!) which says you've been informed of your rights and are fully aware of what you're signing up for and that I can dissect you (okay, maybe not that last part). I will need you to print it, sign it, and either snailmail it back to me or scan it in for me to print. Without it I cannot use you.

If you're up for that, you are awesome and please let me know and give me your email. I'll send stuff across to you shortly.
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